Our Company

MC Land Construction is committed to providing the highest quality of commercial landscape services. We remain diligent in our focus on appearance, maintenance and safety; critical aspects to all projects and management programs for our public and private commercial/industrial clients. We collaborate with the client, determining their objectives, then provide and manage a professional landscape decorum and environment that is exclusive to their needs and services.

Certifications & Licenses

MC Land Construction maintains the following certifications:

  • CSLB# 634504 – General Engineering – “A”, C-27
  • CSLB# 1010252 – Landscape – C-27
  • Supplier’s Clearinghouse: MBE – #10AS0068
  • BRE# 01186816 – Real Estate Associate – (Bureau of Real Estate)
  • Certified Arborist with ISA (Int’l Society of Arboriculture)
  • AWWA Certified Backflow Tester #08251 (American Water Works Association)
  • Consultant – City of San Diego
California Scenic Landscape Company BBB Business Review


MC Land Construction is committed to accomplishing the very best quality of service we can provide our clients. Our aim is not only to meet our clients’ satisfaction but to exceed above all expectations. Our performance is to the highest standards in the landscape industry and is characterized by our:

  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Discipline
  • High Quality of Service
  • Safety

Our emergency services are offered on a 24-hour basis; our response time to emergencies is within 15- 30 minutes. ln achieving this commitment to our clients, our services have stood the test of time. We remain a reputable company for 25 years.



MC Land Construction was established in 1985 and currently provides service in the San Diego County area. Incorporated in 1990, we sought to expand and diversify quickly by establishing relationships ranging from small municipalities such as the Southeast Economic Development Corporation up to the federal level working with the United States Marshals Service. Providing our expertise in arboreal services,

consultation and preventative maintenance, we contracted services to the Unified Port District of San Diego and the City of San Diego. MC Land Construction was retained as a Landscape Consultant by the San Diego Unified School District and provided services to over 250 educational sites.


Who We Work With

MC Land Construction is proud to provide an extensive list of referrals. Projects range in size from a few thousand up to $5-7 million. Previous projects have included, but not limited to: Cox Communications, San Diego Unified School District, San Diego lnternational Airport & Spanish Landing, San Diego Housing Commission, Point Builders, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Meyer C. Weiner Co. and San Diego Gas & Electric Co.