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Cox Communications





There were no additional areas for large equipment trucks or employee parking on facility site. A new landscaping was requested for 5-acre facility.


CSLC was to install two (2) additional parking lots on the facility site. The area size of these parking lots encompassed 1 ½ acres. This required the removal of 50,000 cu.yd. of dirt, the installation of low sodium electrical lighting, curb and gutter, a catch basin with 4’ in diameter drainage pipe, landscape irrigation and plants in the planters, asphalt and striping and an 8’ high commercial grade chain link fencing.

The remaining 3 ½ acres received a demolition of existing colonial-style landscaping and replacing all entrances, islands, window and entrance planters with a new Mediterranean integrating tropical landscape design. Antiquated irrigation required updating and redesigning entire system, included replacing timers with all new irrigation clocks.

Training yards designed and installed: Eight (8) 40’ telephone poles, 100 yds. of wood chips; excavated 8’ down and repair existing 3’ in diameter storm drain.

Built and designed a secured 10’ wide roadway for commercial trucks to commute around various buildings and locations on facility site.

The timeline of this project consisted of four (4) phases and over a 5-year period.

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